Thursday, September 6, 2012

I had just gotten back from my trip and the limo driver was late. Which was a little irritating considering how tired I was. When he finally showed up, he showed up with a trainee. Great . Just what I wanted to deal with. I got into the car and we went down the road and sure enough we came up on stopped traffic. A 15 car pile up with a tanker rolled had just happened. It would be hours to get through. Luckily the driver knew another way around. So through the boonies we went. Then the transmission in the limo just died. Talk about bad luck. The car was running, but it wouldnt go any where. The only air conditioning that was working was in the back of the car with me. It would be 2 hours for another car to show up. It would be another 2 hours before a tow truck would show up. I was seriously upset by this point, but even so, I behaved as a lady and invited to two drivers into the back with me to keep cool. Both men were well built and I needed to let off some steam. I looked at the driver and told him to let me see his cock. His look was comical at first but then he did as I asked. Luckily he had a nice fat cock that I went to work on with delight. After a minute or two I looked up from my treat and his moans of pleasure to look over at the other driver. I asked him why he hadn’t gotten to work tasting my pussy. I pulled up my skirt and then went back to enjoying his co workers cock. He got the idea quickly and I found out his tongue was quite talented. I spent the next couple hours enjoying those men and I can assure you with as much cum I had swallowed and still had in my cunt I know they enjoyed our time together.


  1. Oh my... so sexy!! I bet every man wishes he were one of those limo drivers!