Monday, July 23, 2012

Feather touch.....

So I was enjoying my drink and the sun bath I was taking when a shadow crossed over me blocking my sunlight. I looked up and it was a large man who wasn't handsome or built, but he wasnt ugly either. He was pretty ordinary truth be told, all but for his size. 6'6" easily and probably about 250. He tried chatting me up, but I just wasn't interested. I never have been into large men. I wish I had paid him more attention now.

Later that evening I was getting a drink at the bar and a overly aggressive creep was pushing his luck. He was one of those who knew he looked good and thought I should fall on my feet grateful for his attention. I couldn't get him to leave me alone and when he grabbed my wrist I thought it would get very ugly very fast. Then the giant man slid in between me and the creep, removing his grip on my wrist with his massive hand. With a huge smile at his opportunity, he smiled down at me and asked me to dance. Creepy boy didn't even try to push his luck further. Surprisingly my giant man was light on his feet and mine thankfully! We danced a few times and I found him to be extremely charming in a clumsy way.

I felt his erection pressing into my stomach and knew he wanted me. The way he held me was respectful and protective but.....with a hard on like that, I knew he wanted more then to just dance with me. I was horny too, so I decided that I would take him to my bed.

We had fucked several times when I dozed off to sleep. I felt like a baby doll next to him. It was incredible felling so feminine and tiny while he fucked me. The sex wasn't off the charts, but it was fun. Then I woke up and I was tied up! I was stretched across my hotel room bed naked. Each limb pulled to each corner of the bed. My legs had more free play, but my arms were restrained tightly. To top things off I was blind folded. I was pissed! How dare he do this with out my permission. Then before I could cuss him out I felt the feather touch my body. There was music softly playing in the back ground and I could smell the salty sea air filtering in the french doors off the balcony. The feathers traced my face, my throat, down my body and around again. Slowly and deliberately he caressed me with a soft eroticism that I had rarely experienced. He went on for ages like this. Going all over my body making me wet and needy. He paid attention to my nipples and the inside of my thighs, teasing me with wanting more. I needed more. Then he began to follow the feather with his tongue. I lay there helpless to his assault. I wanted more. I demanded more and still he continued to tease my body. He had me begging to be fucked before he finally fucked me harder then I imagined I could take from him. Restrained I couldn't make him do anything. I had to wait for his pleasure. When he finally forced his cock into me I screamed out with a wild abandon. I came repeatedly around his cock. My pussy milked his dick and still he fucked me harder. He became animalistic. He fucked me until I was horse and was begging for more. I was whimpering with my pleasure when he filled my cunt with the largest load I have ever had. I lay there trembling with exhaustion and euphoria.

When I woke up I found myself alone. He had gone. I looked for him over the next few days and never saw him again. Still, every time I see feathers I quiver thinking of how he fucked me and the pleasure I had that night.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Classy Whore

Whores can be classy too. I suck only the finest cocks with the best loads. Treat me like a lady and you will experience the finest whore. I speak well and am intelligent. I can articulate various subjects and not look like I am a buffoon. I dress well and am well groomed at all times. Still......with all this, I love to fuck. I love to suck too. I love men and women. Sexual encounters are important to my happiness in life. I believe sex is the spice of life and I plan on being rich in spice!